Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 - Family Edition

My wife pointed out that I did not mention her or our daughter in my New Years goals. 

This is the Family Edition of my New Years message.

We continued our spiritual journey at a new church: Willingdon. Even before starting our transition, we knew Willingdon had what we were looking for in terms of raising our daughter in the Lord. As much as Fraser Lands is our home and as close as we are to other members, we felt that Karina's spiritual journey would be better served by those that understand Karina's condition and can help her grow in the Lord. Karina has started grade 1 and is slowly adjusting to life in school. 

Linda has started as a co-leader of Diefenbaker's Parental Advisory Committee (PAC). She is putting her organizational skills to work, fund raising for various activities for the school. 

Additional Goal:

Guitar: Along with what I wrote in my last blog entry, I am (re-)taking up guitar. I remember purchasing my guitar a number of years ago. The interest dropped off when things got busy for me and never recovered. This year, I'm going to include it into my daily routine.

Have a good year, everyone!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 - A New Year

For me, 2014 is a year of marking time. A number of personal things held me back from accomplishing anything this year. We took a break from the urban life with two camping trips (Golden Ears and Manning Park). This will be my first blog after a long hiatus.

With 2015 just around the corner, I decided that I need to take control of my future. These are my goals -- please do not call them resolutions!

Sun Run: On my last Sun Run, my time -- the best to date -- is 1 hour 10 minutes. This is the best time I have ever received but it was by no means one that I am satisfied with. With every Sun Run, I long to finish with a time that is less than 1 hour. With my runners broken in, my hoodie ironed, my playlist set and my running app on my iPhone, I am ready to brave the cold to put my 40-year-old legs, knees and heart to the ultimate test in endurance (and quite possibly pain) to accomplish this goal. Wish me luck!

Grouse Grind: I was once told (TC, I think it was you!) that if I can accomplish the Sun Run goal, the Grouse Grind should be attainable as well. The same training I will be enduring working through will also help my with my goal of hiking up Grouse Mountain in under 1 hour. 

Preschool Registration: With my programming experience limited to the classroom, I needed a real-life project to put my skills to the test. The opportunity came when my wife asked me to help her with her spreadsheet, making sure student placement is within a defined set of parameters. I decided to take her spreadsheet and create a student registration and placement web application for the preschool where she currently works. Whether or not the preschool eventually uses my creation, I will make this an opportunity to complete this project and make my foray into the world of commercial web application development. I have already started by researching different web technologies and have made a goal of April 30 as a completion date.

Happy New Year and may 2015 be a year of advancement for you.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

7DoG - Day 3

Day 3:

...and away we go!
  1. Grateful for a cool morning. Nice balance to the day.
  2. Grateful for my niece being back in Richmond. She will be going to school here now.
  3. Grateful for my mom's recovery from breast cancer. Good to see her back home and cooking her usual Chinese fare.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

7 Days of Gratitude (X2)

7 Days of Gratitude

So I've been tagged on Facebook by my wife Linda for the 7DoG. My Day 1 technically started on Monday but I was busy cleaning up/catching up to start one. So, here is my Day 1:

  1. Grateful for my wife, who has demonstrated that she can "step up to the plate" when it comes to doing chores around the house when required.
  2. Grateful for my daughter. She demonstrates an ability to memorize things and places when we least expect her. Her growth is outpacing our expectations...and that's a good thing.
  3. Grateful for sunny weather. God certainly is good.

And now, Day 2:

  1. Grateful for my current job. There is so much to learn and the work environment is conducive to my productivity.
  2. Grateful for my bike. My wife bought one for me for cheap. Now, I'm using it as part of my commute. No, I'm NOT cycling over bridges! Linda would have a heart attack and and a half if I did that. I'm just biking to the Canada Line station, but it's great exercise in the morning.
  3. Grateful for our two camping trips. I will never take my shower stall for granted ever!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

So this is 2013. With every new year comes the quintessential resolution. For me, I don't have resolutions anymore. I used to though. I remember making the same resolutions as just about everyone else my age at the time: do better in school, get in shape, be kinder, etc. As I am older now, I've come to feel that resolutions are not sustainable, and in some cases, not very practical. Instead, I'm making goals! Same thing? I hardly think so. Goals are measurable, attainable and practical. Here is my list of goals for 2013:

  • Walk the Grouse Grind in one hour or less: This is something I've always wanted since two years ago. I tried to nmake it part of my training regiment last year but didn't complete this goal, due to an injury sustained during the Sun Run (see next goal). I know a number of people who have completed the Grouse Grind in under an hour (when they were younger). I want to at least claim that I've done it, even though I'm older and my body may not be as fit as it was.

  • Complete the Sun Run (10 km)  in one hour or less: I tried this last year and was tripped/shoved to the ground. I suffered minor abrasions but couldn't run after that. I had to walk to rest of the way to finish the Run and it took me two hours! I'm not giving up on this until I complete it. This year should be the year. People I know have accomplish it. It's about time I did so as well.

  • Exercise/walk 30 minutes a day: This was based on a YouTube video sent to me by a friend of mine. It was a 9-minute video about the benefits of exercise and the consequences of not exercising. I will be augmenting my training for the first two goals with this one as well.

  • Workout videos: My wife posted a picture of me in my boxers for all of her Facebook friends and followers to see -- without my permission of course. To lessen the blow to my dignity, I joked that it was a "before" picture for various workout videos, like P90X or something like that. Someone actually said they'll send me the videos so that I can post an "after" picture. This pretty much completes the fitness segment of my goals.
  • Finish reading Modern JavaScript: I started this book (as well as complete its exercises) sometime in the fall of 2012. I want to at least finish this book and start a project developing a website using JavaScript.
That's my list for this year. Happy New Year!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Troubling behaviour

Something happened today that I found very troubling. We were shopping at Costco when I proceeded to pick out two large water containers. We needed to buy water for our water cooler because we ran out. I was standing, waiting for the Costco employee to finish re-stacking the water bottles before taking two of them out. I picked out the first one and placed it into the shopping cart. I went back for a second one and tripped over a pallet dolly the employee placed there. Apparently, I walked across the water rack the employee was attempting to take away. I stumbled forward and almost fell head-first into the shopping cart. I quickly got a hold of my footing, all the while trying to maintain my balance and place the water bottle into the shopping cart without dropping it or hitting my daughter (who was sitting near the back of the cart). After doing so, the only person who asked if I was alright was the Costco employee. My wife seemed to ignore what had happened to me (never asked if I was alright or anything of the sort) and continued shopping, seemingly pretending nothing had happened.

If this was some sort of revenge, to get back at me for something I did or didn't do, I'm at a loss as to what it was. But no matter what it was, by not asking if I'm okay and seemingly ignore what had happened to me, that's considered callous, malicious, and unbecoming for a mature individual. As far as I can tell, nothing I did or didn't do would warrant this kind of behaviour from someone I care deeply about. No legal, moral or ethical boundaries were crossed and there was absolutely no malice or selfishness on my part, so I'm curious what brought on this kind reaction.

Odd Behaviour

One kind of behaviour that I find very odd is being angry at someone over something that you yourself couldn't find. For instance, you wanted a sheet of paper that you thought was in a lunch container. The lunch container was on the kitchen counter so you asked someone for that sheet of paper. When that person response that he/she cannot see the sheet of paper, you accuse that person, saying "What do you mean?! It should be there! Did you lose it?!" Of course I didn't lose it. I never saw it in the first place! Eventually the sheet of paper was found but it wasn't where you thought. It was somewhere else. Instead of saying to the other person, "I found it! Don't worry about it!" or "Sorry, it was in the car, you didn't lose it", you say nothing and continue to be angry at the person for "possibly losing" that sheet of paper, even though it was already found and was never lost in the first place. If you are angry at another for something, then be angry for that something, but not for something else! You can't throw every single accusation at the other person, it's unfair and unreasonable.