Sunday, October 30, 2011

Odd Behaviour

One kind of behaviour that I find very odd is being angry at someone over something that you yourself couldn't find. For instance, you wanted a sheet of paper that you thought was in a lunch container. The lunch container was on the kitchen counter so you asked someone for that sheet of paper. When that person response that he/she cannot see the sheet of paper, you accuse that person, saying "What do you mean?! It should be there! Did you lose it?!" Of course I didn't lose it. I never saw it in the first place! Eventually the sheet of paper was found but it wasn't where you thought. It was somewhere else. Instead of saying to the other person, "I found it! Don't worry about it!" or "Sorry, it was in the car, you didn't lose it", you say nothing and continue to be angry at the person for "possibly losing" that sheet of paper, even though it was already found and was never lost in the first place. If you are angry at another for something, then be angry for that something, but not for something else! You can't throw every single accusation at the other person, it's unfair and unreasonable.

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