Sunday, October 30, 2011

Troubling behaviour

Something happened today that I found very troubling. We were shopping at Costco when I proceeded to pick out two large water containers. We needed to buy water for our water cooler because we ran out. I was standing, waiting for the Costco employee to finish re-stacking the water bottles before taking two of them out. I picked out the first one and placed it into the shopping cart. I went back for a second one and tripped over a pallet dolly the employee placed there. Apparently, I walked across the water rack the employee was attempting to take away. I stumbled forward and almost fell head-first into the shopping cart. I quickly got a hold of my footing, all the while trying to maintain my balance and place the water bottle into the shopping cart without dropping it or hitting my daughter (who was sitting near the back of the cart). After doing so, the only person who asked if I was alright was the Costco employee. My wife seemed to ignore what had happened to me (never asked if I was alright or anything of the sort) and continued shopping, seemingly pretending nothing had happened.

If this was some sort of revenge, to get back at me for something I did or didn't do, I'm at a loss as to what it was. But no matter what it was, by not asking if I'm okay and seemingly ignore what had happened to me, that's considered callous, malicious, and unbecoming for a mature individual. As far as I can tell, nothing I did or didn't do would warrant this kind of behaviour from someone I care deeply about. No legal, moral or ethical boundaries were crossed and there was absolutely no malice or selfishness on my part, so I'm curious what brought on this kind reaction.

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