Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 - Family Edition

My wife pointed out that I did not mention her or our daughter in my New Years goals. 

This is the Family Edition of my New Years message.

We continued our spiritual journey at a new church: Willingdon. Even before starting our transition, we knew Willingdon had what we were looking for in terms of raising our daughter in the Lord. As much as Fraser Lands is our home and as close as we are to other members, we felt that Karina's spiritual journey would be better served by those that understand Karina's condition and can help her grow in the Lord. Karina has started grade 1 and is slowly adjusting to life in school. 

Linda has started as a co-leader of Diefenbaker's Parental Advisory Committee (PAC). She is putting her organizational skills to work, fund raising for various activities for the school. 

Additional Goal:

Guitar: Along with what I wrote in my last blog entry, I am (re-)taking up guitar. I remember purchasing my guitar a number of years ago. The interest dropped off when things got busy for me and never recovered. This year, I'm going to include it into my daily routine.

Have a good year, everyone!